Friday, 27 June 2014

Introducing.... Chiisai Ashi


Just a short post today introducing you to a great little band called Chiisai Ashi.

You can buy their EP on bandcamp HERE or follow them on twitter @ChaiisaiAshi.

Chiisai Ashi are an indie-rock, alternative band from Derbyshire. They have a gorgeous electric rock sound with "Little Bird" as a beautiful acoustic, gentle track showing off the vocal talent and writing ability of the siblings. There are two vocalists, who offset each others grungey, youthful tones with seemingly effortless harmony. The raw, rock sound of this pair is something I've not heard before, their debut EP is an amazing starting point for a band that I hope will go far!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Klaxons- Love frequency


Klaxons' long anticipated new album "love frequency" came out a few days ago. You can buy it on iTunes for £7.99 or listen on spotify or on soundcloud HERE. This is the 'present' album in their trilogy of past, present and future albums so it was always going to be very difficult to predict how this one was going to turn out, they haven't done an awful job but I'm still a little disappointed with some of the tracks.

1) A new reality
2) There is no other time
3) Show me a miracle
4) Out of the dark
5) Children of the sun
6) Invisible forces
7) Rhythm of life
8) Liquid light
9) The dreamers
10) Atom to atom
11) Love frequency

It's a house style, electro beat, dance album but not the experimental, scuzzy, old-school electronics that we're used to with Klaxons. "Children of the sun" has some nice indie-rock electronic melodies and typical klaxons space age soundscape with a lot of varied verses and interesting harmonies. Some of the tracks aren't even recognizable as klaxons anymore. "There is no other time" is 70s disco music, while it played I imagined cheesey top of the pops dancing with flared jeans and a mullet! I struggled to listen to this song to the end. "The dreamers" however is smooth and lovely with poetic lyrics that are pleasing to listen to and a beautiful intro that really contrasts with the pop club beats of some of the other tracks. Songs like "invisible forces" seem to have lost the klaxons-esque ambiguous meanings and interesting sounds and word structure. The keyboard in this song and others is a nice effect and is the closest to a real instrument that we get to on this album. I'm not a fan of exclusively computer generated music.

I am a little disappointed at the long anticipated release of "Love frequency", but maybe that's partly due to the fact that I had high expectations and have been waiting a long time. It definitely wasn't what I expected but it isn't bad for what it's trying to do. Some of the tracks have gone off the rails and are a bit too pop for my tastes but they haven't done such a bad job at a dance record in its own right. I'm not sure how big klaxons fans will take this album though.  6/10 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Port Isla- Steamroller


So today's post is introducing you to an up and coming band that I think will be big called Port Isla. They are a 4 piece indie band from Norwich. You can listen to their new EP "Steamroller" HERE. They have recently been touring with George Ezra and I picked up the last copy of their EP at the leadmill in Sheffield. Which is a great venue by the way and they have some really good people playing soon, so click HERE to have a look.

These guys are indie-folk with acoustic and electric tracks. The vocals are folk rocky and casual in a rounded kind of way. They have a rehearsed full sound and the three tracks are diverse with different but equally good styles.


1) Steamroller- this is an upbeat folk-y song with prominent drum rhythms and a country swing with the banjo and harmonies. The chorus and the vocal melody are so catchy and the harmonies are used to a great effect.

2) Next in line- this is a more rock and electric song where the vocals are more raw and the piano is more in the foreground with an indie-rock input. The lyrics in this are again sparse and not hugely inspiring but fit well and have a good tune to them.

3) Simple sunrise- this is an acoustic gentle track where the vocals are more exposed and where some bands fall because they can't hide behind noise and crazy rhythms. But Port Isla have more than proved themselves in this track with gorgeous poetic lyrics like "and that simple sunrise much like a drawing by a child is right in front of me" and the incredible harmonies made up of the right mixture of strong and slightly clashy chords to add interest. The details in this track are put together really well making it my favourite on the EP.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Fake Club


Sorry its been so long I've just been crazy busy as it was exam season but that's over now and hopefully I'll have a lot more time for posting.

I'll be introducing you to probably my favorite band at the moment. They are a five-piece, all female, English rock band. They recently featured in an MJ Delaney film Powder Room (which is great and worth a watch). The band appeared in the film, performing music they'd written, including some songs created specifically for the film. The band were also responsible for the selection of all other tracks used in the film.

You can listen: on soundcloud-HERE, on spotify- HERE or on YouTube- HERE

They have a beautiful raw rock sound emphasized by the crazy crashing noisy drums that would sound amazing live and give a rounded shape to the music they play. But the heavy jumpy bass and jerky electric guitar add sharp rough edges that stick out with a grace and feminine confidence in themselves similar to Kate Nash. They convey a huge sense of confidence and assertiveness that comes across so strong it makes you want to shout out of a window along to the lyrics! The vocalist has an amazing tone that I've not heard anything like before, its raw and punchy. The raspy, throaty sounds are grungey and scuzzy with roughed up edges that fit perfectly with the grungey punk rock they play. The tone really makes this band unique and gives them their stamp. Their amazing lyrics also stand them apart from the rest and give them the originality that makes them what they are. They spit out inspirational, wonderful lyrics 10 a penny. 

These girls are just incredible!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

iTunes Single of the week #15


This week the free download on iTunes was "A Lunar Veteran's guide to Re-entry" by Paul Thomas Saunders.

Paul Thomas Saunders is a physch and indie one man band from Leeds, England. He says he is influenced by people like Joe Meek, The Tornadoes, Emo Phillips and Lou Reed.

This is very much a phsych song, with haunting electro twirls and acoustic guitar twanging in an almost folky way. Although the music and vocals are most definitely not folk! The space age soundscape creates amazing effects, the vocals are distant and soft with mesmerizing tones and a mysterious edge. You need really good speakers or headphones to listen to this song because the surround sound and potential for a 3D sounding track are used to their full extent by Saunders. There is a fabulous soundscape created in this song which is great to relax and listen to.

Overall, this is a really well crafted piece of music 9/10

Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Rumble Strips- Girls and Weather


Today's post will be about a band that you probably know some of their songs but may not have heard of before. I'll be introducing you to their album "Girls and Weather". This is definitely my album of the month!

Background Info:
The Rumble Strips were a 5 piece indie-pop/rock, soul English band from Tavistock, Devon. The band took their name from rumble strips, which are small, continuous lines of bumps along the edge of a road. They went their separate ways in 2009. You can buy their album on iTunes HERE for £5.99 and other album "Welcome to the walk alone" HERE for £5.99. You can stream some of their music HERE

This album is a gorgeous blend of indie-pop and rock with soul and jazz managing to worm its way in there too. Their catchy rhythms and wonderful story-telling lyrics paired with the infectious, lyrical melodies make all the tracks so hard to get out of your head. Their music is full of funky brass and jazzy saxophone with exploding electric guitars and fabulous piano bringing it all together. Vocalist, Charlie Waller has an '80s alternative feel about him. He really gets to show off his amazing range and unpredictability in songs like Time and Building a boat. The style is kind of similar to Peace's Harrison Kossier. Great sounding lyrics are spat out by the bucket load and fit so well with the style of music and Waller's powerful, closed throat, grunge-y, scuzzy vocals. The whole of the album sounds so full of life and human that it'll all stick in your head for a long time.

Favourite Track: Clouds HERE

If you listen to girls and boys in love I bet you'll recognise it even if you don't know where from!! Its played in loads of films and TV shows. You can listen to it HERE

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed and take the time to listen to their music!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

iTunes Single of the week #14


This week's free download was "Feel of love" by Tensnake & Jacques Lu Cont ft. Jamie Lidell.

Tensnake is a 38 year-old house and electronica music producer and DJ from Germany. Jacques Lu Cont is a 36 year-old electronic, synthpop, house and electroclash DJ, songwriter and record producer from North Yorkshire, England. Jamie Lidell is a 40 year-old soul, funk and electronica artist from Cambridgeshire, England.

This funky, electronica track is constructed with layers, adding on more slowly but surely. The steamy beats with electronic 'noises' behind the start off, then adding electric bass bringing more melody and variation. The alternative-techno vocals are brought in next. The tone of them are not to my taste as they are too high pitched, undefined and warble-y. They don't sound like they are quite right, or like thy have found their proper style yet. As there isn't much vocal melody, they aren't the main attraction which is fine when you have a strong backing to fill out the spaces and cushion the lyrics. This track doesn't have either. This is very much a '90s techno-pop track which doesn't really appeal to me.

Overall, I think this song hasn't got much cop but isn't un-listeninable. 5/10